I've changed my mind, I no longer want my product (retraction)

If you have changed your mind and no longer want your product, this is known as a case of retraction.


Was the item delivered within the last 14 calendar days?

You need to notify the seller of your wish to retract within the period of 14 calendar days after the delivery date.

The seller will respond to your email with the terms of return (mailing address to send the goods with possibly a file to complete and an invoice to attach to the package). The return costs are your responsibility. You are free to choose the courier of your choice.


  • You must not return the goods until you have received the seller's response by email otherwise it could greatly delay the processing of your request, or even prevent it.
  • Remember to ask the courier for a proof of deposit with package tracking to provide proof of shipment to the seller. If you make a return without parcel tracking and the merchant does not receive the goods it will, unfortunately, be impossible to get a refund.

How to notify the seller of your wish to retract

1. Log into your customer account using your email address and password.

2. Under 'My orders' you will find a subject 'Online Support' and a section called 'Returns & refunds'.

3. Select the subject titled 'Return item'.

4. Now, simply enter your message and send it off!

The seller will respond to you via email within 1-2 working days to confirm that they have received your request.

If you do not receive a response from the seller within this time, you must notify ManoMano of your dispute.

Was the item delivered more than 14 days ago?

According to the Consumer Contracts Regulations, your cancellation period starts from the time you place your order and ends 14 calendar days from the day you receive your goods.

After this period of 14 calendar days, the merchant will not be able to make any exchange or refund.

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