Who is responsible for the return costs?

This all depends on the reason for the return:

You have changed your mind and no longer want the product (cancellation).

  • The costs are your responsibility.
  • You are free to choose the courier of your choice.

Warning: remember to ask the courier for a proof of deposit with package tracking to provide proof of shipment to the seller. If you make a return without parcel tracking and the seller does not receive the goods it will, unfortunately, be impossible to get a refund.

You have received your order but it is defective/incomplete/non-compliant:

The return costs are the responsibility of the seller who will contact you with the details of how to return the product:

  • Prepaid return: you will just need to go to the post office to deposit your parcel.
  • Pick up the goods directly from your home: you will need to organise with the seller a date and time frame for when the courier will come to pick up the goods.
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