Some products are sold by sellers located outside the UK who do not have all the necessary information to issue invoices without VAT.

As a result, in those cases, the invoice you receive will contain VAT, which you will not be able to deduct.

However, it is easy to recognise products from which VAT cannot be deducted:

  • The price will only be indicated including VAT on the product page;
  • Next to the price including VAT, the indication "VAT not deductible on this product" will be displayed.

This information will also appear in your shopping cart and on your payment page.

Get an invoice with deductible VAT

We suggest that you look for an equivalent product displaying a price excluding VAT; buying an item with this indication will allow you to obtain an invoice with deductible VAT.

All the products in the Pro catalogue ("Pro" banner) have a price excluding VAT available.

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