Which payment methods are available?

You can make your purchases on manomano.co.uk using the following payment methods:

  • Bank or credit card
  • Bank transfer

In any case, your order will not be finalised until ManoMano has received and validated your payment. You will then receive an email notification as soon as your order has been validated.

A. Bank or credit card

If you choose to pay by bank or credit card, which is the fastest payment method, you will need to enter your bank details and then validate your basket.

Important: Once your basket has been validated, you will receive an authentication request to finalise your order. Your bank will initiate this process as part of the protection measures governed by European regulation.

The whole process is extremely straightforward!  To get definitive confirmation of your payment, and therefore your order, you must authenticate your identity using a code received via text message or from your banking app (digital fingerprint, facial recognition, one-time code, password, etc.)

If authentication is successful, your order will be validated and preparation of your order will begin.

B. Bank transfer

After choosing this payment method and validating your basket, you will receive an email containing ManoMano's bank details, your transaction number and the exact amount to pay.

When setting up the bank transfer, simply enter your transaction number in the description field.

Please ensure that you pay the amount indicated in the email. An error would cause a delay in processing your payment and lengthen the amount of time needed to register your order. If you send the wrong amount, then your money will be refunded and your order cancelled.

After your payment has been made, you must expect a delay of 2 to 3 working days before we receive it. Bear in mind that these are bank processing times and are thus unrelated to ManoMano's processing procedures.

Once your payment has been received, and provided the amount is accurate, your order will be validated by ManoMano’s teams within 1 additional working day.

In the event that the payment processing time - more than 5 working days - has been exceeded and your order not yet been authorised, click here to find all the necessary information. It is possible that your transfer has not gone through.

Please note:

  • If you have validated your basket with this payment method but do not wish to place an order or wish to change the payment method, then just don’t make the bank transfer and ignore the reminder emails and text messages No further steps are necessary as you will never be charged.
  • Any transaction that is left unpaid one month after your basket has been validated will be automatically cancelled.
  • No bank fees will be incurred if the transfer is made using the SEPA option (please consult your bank)

C. PayPal

You need to have a PayPal account to use this payment method.

As soon as you have validated your basket with this payment method, you will be redirected to PayPal to verify your identity and make payment. Once the payment has been made, ManoMano will release your order.

PayPal only allows full payment: payment in three instalments is not possible. 

PayPal offers a multi-payment feature to users in some countries. Access to this feature, which is contingent upon financing, is at the sole discretion of PayPal. Therefore, once connected to your PayPal account, PayPal may offer you the option to pay in several instalments. ManoMano is unable to grant you access to this feature.



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