Payment by bank transfer

From the date you ordered your bank transfer, you must expect a delay of 3 to 5 working days before ManoMano can receive and process it. These are bank processing times and thus are unrelated to our procedures.

A. Standard operation

Until your transfer has been received and processed, the order status in your customer account will be marked as “Pending receipt of your transfer - Order awaiting payment”.
If you have already made your bank transfer, and you entered the correct amount, please wait for 5 working days for your order to be validated.

Once your transfer has been received and your order validated, the status will be updated in your customer account, showing your order number as “M2XXXXXXXXXXX”. You will also receive an email notifying you that your order is being prepared.

B. A problem occurred with your payment

If your transfer is not taken into account within the allotted time, it means that an anomaly has been detected and that your payment is blocked.

A bank transfer may be rejected if:

  • The transaction and bank transfer received cannot be matched: the transaction number was not given and the issuer’s name is different from the customer account holder
  • Bank transfer made without a transaction having been recorded first
  • The amount of the bank transfer received is incorrect

How will I know?

The order will not be processed within the allotted time after the bank transfer has been completed. In your customer account, a notification on your order will indicate that receipt of your bank transfer is pending.

What should I do in these circumstances?

Please contact our Customer Service with the proof of transfer issued by your bank to find out the reason for the holdup and so that your refund request can be processed.


Payment by bank or credit card

After entering your bank details and confirming your basket, you may encounter one of the following situations:

A. Your order is validated immediately

ManoMano has received and validated your payment, which automatically started the preparation of your order. You will receive a confirmation email with your order number. Please check both your inbox and spam folders.

You can then log in to your customer account, where you will find your order and all the necessary information about its preparation and dispatch.

B. You need to finalise your order

Don’t worry, everything is fine!

When paying by bank or credit card, and as our site is secure, you will see an authentication window or message box from your bank on our payment page, which comes after you’ve confirmed your basket.

At this stage, your bank will ask you to authenticate your identity so that payment is secure. This step will enable ManoMano to complete your order.

The authentication system depends on your bank and its security practices.
It is common practice for banks to send a text message with a one-time code to be used on your bank's authentication window or pop up message box.

However, if you have a different kind of authentication system, don’t worry and just follow the instructions.

If necessary, you can get in touch with your bank advisor.

Payment by PayPal

You can find answers to any questions at the PayPal Help Centre.

Payment with Klarna

Klarna can answer all your questions regarding your payment with Klarna via their chat, available 24/7, in their dedicated Help Centre.



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