I want to change the email address linked to my customer account

How to change your email address? 

Follow these steps to change your email address:

1. Log in to your customer account with your email address and password

2. Click on ''ACCOUNT'' then on ''ACCOUNT PARAMETERS'' and ''Change my email'' 

  • In ''your email'' type your new email address
  • Complete the "Enter your current password" section: you must not enter a password other than the one you currently have (if you wish to change your password, please follow the instructions in "Change your password")

3. Click to validate. 

How do I know if the changes have been correctly saved? 

Once the modifications have been made, a window appears to confirm that the change has been taken into account. The next time you log in, you will need to use this new email address.

If you see an error message, this means that the changes have not been made: 

  • "This email address is already in use": it is not possible to set up your account with this email address, you need to enter another email address.
  • "This is not a valid email address": you may have made a spelling mistake and your email address is not recognised, please try again.



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