I’ve been scammed. What can be done to help me?

Unfortunately, online fraud may occur. At ManoMano, the security of your personal data is always a top priority for us. We ensure the security of transactions on our site thanks to our own fraud detection systems and the use of 3DSecure Verification for debit and credit card purchases. If your debit or credit card was compromised before making a purchase on our site, it is independent of your activity on our platform. 

The article below provides information on the most prevalent types of online fraud, as well as the steps to follow to prevent any further fraudulent use of your data and obtain reimbursement for any purchases due to fraud.

Bank and credit card fraud

If you notice a payment that you did not make, immediately take the following steps to stop your debit or credit card from being used fraudulently:  

  1. Stop the payment and block your card: contact your bank and specify your reason for stopping the payment, such as loss, theft or fraud. You will be refunded for any such declaration of fraudulent activity made within 13 months from the date the fraud purchase was made.

  2. Next, contact us right away at hello@manomano.com so that we have the best chance of cancelling the order and refunding you as soon as possible. Please send us the following information so that we can act quickly:
    • the amount of the transaction,
    • details of your payment method, including your bank or credit card number or at least the last four digits (do not, under any circumstances, disclose the expiry date or the three-digit CVV code on the back of your debit or credit card, and never send a photo of both sides of your card),
    • a proof of debit issued by your bank, or a complaint filed with legal authorities, showing the date and time of payment.
  3. File a police complaint to obtain an official document that will certify your complaint. This document is mandatory in enabling your bank to reimburse you for any fraudulent transactions made from your account. 

Following any official requisition request received from the legal authorities, ManoMano will provide them, as soon as possible, with any and all relevant information that we have at our disposal.  

Customer account takeover fraud

Identity theft, including any use of your ManoMano customer account without your knowledge, is a criminal act. 

However, if this happens to you, please take the following steps to secure your customer account and collect the information necessary to identify the fraudster:

  1. Create a folder with detailed screenshots and the URL addresses of any sites for which your identity has been stolen.

  2. File a complaint with the legal authorities and provide them with all necessary information at your disposal.

  3. Report the violation to us here so that we can close your account and/or delete your personal data. 


You can learn more about our data protection policies here.

To ensure your personal data is safe, we recommend you read the following: 

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