Why is it important to check the condition of the package and the product upon delivery?

Once your package has been prepared by our sellers, it is given to a courier who is responsible for its delivery until it reaches you.

Our sellers take care when preparing your package but despite their efforts on some rare occasions, it can be that the package suffers damage during transport. 

It is therefore very important to check in the presence of the courier:

1. The state of the package

If the package is damaged or shows abnormal signs

2. The state of the product

If the product is broken, scratched, damaged, non-conforming or incomplete.

In any of these cases, it is necessary to make a note of the goods' condition on the delivery note at the time of delivery and/or refuse the goods.

Afterwards, we advise you to inform the seller of the situation as soon as possible via your customer account:

The written notification of any damage allows the seller to open an investigation against their courier.



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