When ordering on our website, you are ordering from one or more of our partners, who have their own warranty terms in addition to legal regulations.

Important information

However, as soon as your product stops working, either with the first use or after several uses, you must immediately report it to the seller without making any repairs/changes to your item, otherwise, the warranty will no longer apply.

What is the warranty claim process?

  1. Never do the following: try to repair or discard your product

  2. Submit a claim through your customer account: click “ACCOUNT” and then “My orders” to find the order in question. Click “Get help” and follow the instructions to confirm your request.

  3. Wait to receive a response from the seller. They may ask for further information about the defect before instructing you on how to return your item (at the seller’s expense).
    • A prepaid return label will be sent to you so that you can drop your parcel off at the collection point

    • Home pick-up by the seller's carrier will be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you
  4. Once your product has arrived at the seller's warehouses, it will be assessed by an expert, at the seller’s expense, to determine whether the defect originates from:
    • The manufacture of the product: the seller is responsible for the product repair or exchange and the return shipping costs

    • Use of the product: the seller will give you a cost estimate for the repairs but will not carry them out. You will then have to decline or accept the repairs; if you choose the latter, payment, which includes the repairs and return shipping costs, must be made directly to our partner.

  5. Your product will be delivered to the address you used at the time of your purchase

Please note

  • In the event that a manufacturing defect is confirmed during an expert assessment, and even if you have requested a refund, regulations allow the seller to choose to repair or exchange your product. If the seller is unable to provide either solution, they will refund your order.
  • If you want a refund, the seller has the right to consider your request as a cancellation and deduct the return shipping costs from your refund.



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