Where can items be sent to and how much will it cost?

Delivery locations

Most products sold on manomano.co.uk can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom.

Delivery methods

There are two delivery methods available:

  • home
  • express

If you purchase several products, then several sellers may be involved. For that reason, you may be offered several delivery methods with different couriers.

Delivery costs

Some items are delivered free of cost.

For others, the delivery costs indicated on the product listing may vary according to the following criteria:

  • Delivery method: express delivery will generally be more expensive than standard delivery.

  • Quantity ordered: if you buy multiples of the same product, delivery costs may be higher due to the increase in weight and volume.

  • Number of sellers involved: if the products you want to order come from several sellers, each will offer you their own terms for delivery locations and costs.

  • Destination: delivery costs may be higher, especially for some British Isles.

Other external factors may impact the total cost of delivery, such as changes to carrier rates.

Where can I find full information on delivery methods?

Please consult the section for the relevant product description, entitled “Delivery methods available”. Located to the right of the product photo, it will provide the following information:

  • Delivery location
  • Possible delivery methods
  • Expected delivery time
  • Shipping costs

To confirm the cost of delivery for the items in your basket, simply simulate the purchase by entering the postcode and city where you would like the items delivered. The total amount will be displayed at the “Delivery details” stage, which is before the payment stage.



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