How can I find out if the item I wish to order is in stock?

How are product inventories managed?

Most of our products are stored by our sellers. As a result, our partners update the information for these products directly on our website.

Other products are stored in our warehouses. In that case, ManoMano updates the information directly on our website.

Stock levels are usually updated automatically on our website after each sale.

Where can I find information on product stock levels?

The availability of items is shown on each product listing with the following information:

  • In stock (when stock is above 10 units)
  • In stock - Only X left (when stock is under 10 units)
  • Temporarily out of stock - Delivery within X weeks
  • Out of stock

Multiple sellers may sell the same product. If none of them have the product in stock, the description will not be displayed until one of our partners has replenished their stock.

If stock levels cannot meet the desired amount

If the product is sold by other sellers, a remark will be visible to the right of the product listing: “Product available with other seller(s) X”.

Therefore, you will be able to purchase the item from one or more sellers depending on the quantity desired and stock available.

Please note: for the same item, the price of the product and its delivery terms may vary from one seller to another.



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